15 years of delivering best in class training and interim support to the UK's Automotive Sector 


As a Business Manager myself at BMW, I quickly came to realise that when I was away, things did not go so well in the F&I Department.

Hardly any new finance business was written; no add-on sales achieved and FSA/FCA Compliance was all over the place. To add to this my desk was like a dump with no deals paid out and documents lying all over the place.

It was this point I wished for someone to sit in my chair when I was on holiday and keep everything in order until I returned.

Lo and behold the idea of Finance Cover was conceived at this time and within three months, I'd left my full time position to invent and launch this service.  

In the early years, I covered sites myself and gradually as time went on and the idea caught dealer imaginations, we continued to recruit top talent into the team.

Here we are 15 years later with an outstanding team of professional, qualified and SAF approved Business Managers covering sites all over the UK. It is the dedication and quality of our team that has made a small idea into a large going concern it is all of them that have built the reputation we hold so dear today.
Sabina Hegarty
Roger Constable commences his 10th year of service with the company.

"I can still remember my little chat with Sabina over 10 years ago now in a posh coffee bar near Heathrow BMW where she has been covering the Business Manager in the early days of her business.

That started the most enjoyable period of my career to date. I then embarked on a whirlwind 12 weeks with Sytner covering the length and breadth of the country and the rest they say is history!

I've been privileged enough to work with some top brands and some fantastic people both in the dealerships and in our team.

People have come and gone over the years but the company has gone from strength to strength to where we are now, number 1 and branching out in other areas to diversify and make sure we are in tune with this ever changing industry. I am now looking forward to helping out in the Academy and becoming a Mentor, guiding the next generation of sales professionals as they start their journey in the motor trade.

Roger Constable

Having first met Sabina in 2005 when she started the Finance Cover business I knew it was the job for me! Although we only ever spoke of the phone before and after she covered my holidays/paternity.

When my time came for my first cover job in 2007, I was parachuted into a large BMW site on the first of September and handed over 46 New BMW's on my first day - talk about a baptism of fire!

Since then I have covered 71 different sites across all the Prestige Brands up and down the country and haven't looked back.

Having been welcomed back to many Retail Centres for long and short term contacts I have been privileged to work with some amazing Brands, Teams and Managers.

I have witnessed and assisted the launch of the Academy & Assessment Centres and have been lucky enough to have helped find, mentor and graduate a number or rising stars in the Industry.

Looking forward to the next 10 years of development as we and the industry evolve."
Rory O'Gorman
"I first met Sabina in 2004 when we worked Hexagon together, she was the Business Manager in BMW and I was MINI Brand Manager.
I remember her leaving to set up on her own and over the next few years I often heard great things about the new business as my MINI Business Manager was one of the first to join her team, we spoke regularly and he was always raving about how good it was and how much he enjoyed it. 
Eventually in 2007 I simply had to find out for myself what it was all about, I met up with Sib again and after a good chat I joined the team. Ten years later and I’m still enjoying the job as much as my first day !
Over the last ten years I have worked on over 100 different sites, covering all the brands from Vauxhall to Rolls-Royce and have met some fantastic people along the way, many of which I am lucky enough to now call friends.
No two days are the same and there is always a fresh challenge waiting for you. The Business has grown so much over the last ten years and I look forward to seeing its continued growth over the next ten !
Here’s to more happy memories with my Calibre family !"
Ben Kenderdine