What's with the logo?

An exciting and visible development to our corporate style has been the creation of a new trading name and logo.

Calibre Group Solutions allows us to work outside the automotive sector with a name that has a broader appeal than our original Finance Cover & National Dealer Academy.

The status of these well established and trusted Limited Companies will remain unchanged for all accounting purposes, but we will most often refer to ourselves as Calibre (providing high Calibre Solutions to Groups). The name was voted on by the team after many months of deliberation.

Our brand new logo is named the ‘flair’ as this is what we aim to bring to each project we undertake. Each colour represents a division of the business.


450 trainees developed

5,000 Mentoring

13 ​​years

44,000days covered

  1. Sabina Hegarty
    Managing Director
    Fun Fact: I dislike my first name so much that my husband has never been allowed to use it and has so far never slipped up in all these years!
  2. Rory O'Gorman
    Senior Manager
    Fun Fact: I'm an avid snowboarder in the winter and Solent yachtsman in the summer.
  3. Steve Cox
    Head Mentor
    Fun Fact: I live 2 miles from Brands Hatch so get my Motorsport fix on a regular basis.
  4. David McKinlay
    Lead Trainer & Mentor
    Fun Fact: I am trainee magician and am often asked to make some people disappear!
  5. Zaheerah Purdasy
    Team Coordinator
    Fun Fact: I have successfully hiked 3 mountains in 3 countries over 3 days covering the Mont Blanc region which was an amazing experience. Looking forward to my next challenge.
  6. Ali Starrett
    Academy Coordinator & Accounts
    Fun Fact: I chase a little white ball around a field rather a lot and am 'Nan' to triplet boys.
  7. Roger Constable
    Internal IMI Verifier
    Fun Fact: I'm a fully qualified chef and I love ironing!
  8. Stuart Oakley
    Senior Business Manager
    Fun Fact: I'm a bit of an adrenaline junkie and love to travel.
  9. Kevin Miller
    Senior Business Manager
    Fun Fact: I've now grown a small beard to try to make myself look a bit older.
  10. Dimitris Evangelou
    Business Manager
    Fun Fact: I was once mugged by a seagull in Llandudno for my cheese sandwich !
  11. Kay Malawana
    Business Manager
    Fun Fact:
  12. Ben Kenderdine
    Senior Business Manager
    Fun Fact: I love trainspotting and occasionally collect stamps too !
  13. David Franklin
    Fun Fact: I learnt to drive aged 10 thanks to my Dad having use of air force runways at the weekends.
  14. Antonios Chatdizaktis
    Fun Fact: I love travel, theatre, cinema, music, sports and walking.
  15. Fay Adams
    Service Advisor
    Fun Fact: This year I'm working towards an Alpha medal by taking part and completing all four Wolfruns (Woods, Obstacles, Lakes & Fields - trail running).
  16. Steve Poole
    Business Manager
    Fun Fact: I own a one eyed horse called Cookie!
  17. Brian Glen
    Business Manager
    Fun Fact: When I was 41, I spent a year backpacking around India, Asia and Australasia.
  18. Anthony Biggs
    Lead Actor & Assessment Host
    Fun Fact: When I was training to be an actor, I used to work part-time as a picture hanger and hung all the paintings in 10 Downing Street.