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Assessment Centres v Recruitment Treadmill

Many of our customers do not enjoy the process of recruiting people especially because it uses up so many man hours.

Many of the applicants are 'harvested' from an often, out of date, database only to end up back on the recruitment treadmill in three months time!

At Calibre, we do not get involved in traditional recruitment practices nor are we an agency. We prefer to use the Assessment method, having learned our skills from some of the best in the business, to find, screen and select the upper percentiles to invite to a structured day observed by the employer.

Studies have shown that Assessments are the best way to recruit when companies are looking for longevity with their employees and equally importantly when they want to save time and money.

What are the benefits of Assessment Centres over traditional recruitment processes?

1. Customers save time and money on having to the work of sifting, screening, interviewing and shortlisting candidates themselves. 

2. Employee longevity is increased. 

3. Our customers are 40% more likely to recruit well using this mechanism. Traditional recruitment is entirely subjective, interviewers tend to recruit people that show traits most closely linked to their own personality which is not necessarily what is required in the business. 

4. We only get the highest quality candidates with the best skill-set, rather than just people who know all the right things to say in an interview. 

5. Assessment days allow customers to see the candidates wide range of abilities, and can therefore select the people that are the best 'fit' for the needs of their business.  

We assess across the board from Graduate Trainees to Heads of Business with content adjusted for each position and sector. 

Our Assessment Team is made up of Managers who themselves have held senior industry positions as well as professional actors who are able to quickly adapt their style according to the needs of each customer.

Our materials and methods are modern, relevant and up to date for today’s generation. We want to find a new type of person for the industry to raise the standards from within. We must allow for the fact that today’s recruits are quite different from the past and therefore a new approach is needed.

If you have never tried an Assessment before, then you might want to consider it for your next set of vacancies.

If you have, then you already know that Assessments win the contest hands-down if you are looking for employee longevity and saving yourself timemoney and hassle.