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Traditional recruitment methods are time consuming and poor value for money.   
Assessment Centres however are proven as one of the most highly successful methods of finding and selecting candidates who are more likely to have longevity within your business.  They are not only time efficient but also excellent value for money as they identify multiple candidates in a relatively short space of time. Employers especially enjoy this selection process as they remain involved throughout without the laborious task of trawling CVs and then interviewing in the traditional manner which is always subjective.
Another benefit is that this is a mobile solution and is most often delivered as required in your businesses or Head Office premises or in the local area for the convenience of the employers and applicants.
Our turnaround times are flexible, again to meet the needs of our time poor partners.
One of the key features is that they give employers the chance to not only identify the right people but also to ensure that the wrong ones don't get into their business.
To find out more, please contact Sabina on sabina@calibregroup.co.uk 

Assessment Centres v Recruitment Treadmill

​​​Many of our customers do not enjoy the process of recruiting people especially because it uses up so many man hours.
Many of the applicants are 'harves...
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