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​Supporting employees in a changing world.
Since 2015 we've been developing and utilising technology to engage and excite our trainees and customers.  Digitised learning and gamification now forms the core of our portfolio and means we can meet the changing needs of our retailer partners as they adapt to new ways of working.

With the world continuing to become more connected, digital skills and services become even more important.  Workforces must be ready to adapt with new digital knowledge and remain agile and flexible to stay in the game. At the same time, employers must also prepare to deal with different challenges if they are to employ and retain the best people.
At Calibre Group, we offer unrivalled support to customers who want to use digitisation to increase employee, customer and training engagement whilst supporting the mental well-being of their workforce. Our unique methods keep people safe with contactless learning, saving time and money for employers.  Our job is to help our customers to drive their businesses forward and meet the needs of their employees in a different world but always remembering that the personal touch still really matters.
We are focussed and positive in these unusual times, keeping our team safe and ready for when the world begins spinning again.​
Join us on our digital journey, we're really looking forward to the challenge.


15+ years in business

80,000+ days of interim cover

1,000+ trainees developed

15,000+ Mentoring hours completed 

Rave Reviews

“Sabina and her team consistently exceed expecatations and deliver a truly outstanding training programme!”​​​

Stephen Otley
Managing Director, Guy Salmon Land Rover Stockport

“Utilising the Academy training programme has enabled us to recruit for the right attitude knowing we can identify and develop the candidate into a professional confident and knowledgeable asset to our team.”

Adam Heffer
Dealer Principal, Group 1 BMW
​“This unique approach to Sales Training can only be a benefit to the UK Retail Motor Industry and the IMI is happy to support this initiative and looks forward to seeing the future success stories of its graduates.”​​​
Steve Nash BA (Hons) FIMI
Chief Executive Officer of The Institute of the Motor Industry
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