Complaints Policy 

Policy Statement
Calibre Group is committed to providing an excellent service. Part of our company vision and values is to ““To be the most trusted, caring and knowledgeable specialist apprenticeship provider in the motor sector”.”. Gaining timely feedback from customers is an important part of helping us to identify what we do well and where we need to improve to reach the levels of service to which we aspire.
We therefore encourage all feedback from customers whether this is about their satisfaction with our service, suggestions for where we can improve or, where they wish to complain about the service they have received.
Calibre Group takes all complaints seriously and will deal with them promptly to fully investigate and resolve customers’ concerns and put things right when they go wrong. We will keep customers informed about progress of their complaint and the outcome and will use this experience to continually improve our service.
The procedure below outlines how all our customers can help us improve our service.
This policy will be communicated to customers as part of their induction to a Calibre Group programme. It will be on display at all of our sites and available via our website.
All staff will be trained in how to handle complaints and to fully implement these procedures as part of their initial training.
To support our commitment to improving the quality of the services we deliver we have adopted a complaints policy.
This document covers the procedures used to deal with complaints involving staff, external stakeholders, Calibre Group clients including apprentices and employers. Complaints that relate to internal matters involving staff or contractors will be subject to Calibre Group disciplinary or grievance procedures.
The principles on which our complaints procedure is based are:
We will always seek an informal resolution of complaints where possible;
Our procedure will be publicised and Calibre Group will promote open access to it;
All staff will receive information on this procedure during induction;
All staff and senior managers will adopt a solution focused approach in response to justified complaints;
All complaints will be subject to impartial review.
How to make a Complaint
If you wish to make a complaint about our services or your treatment by Calibre Group, you can use this complaints policy.
At any stage of the complaints procedure you are entitled to seek support from any person unconnected with Calibre Group.
If you feel your complaint is serious you are entitled to proceed directly to Stage 2 of the procedure.

The first stage of our procedure is to discuss the complaint with the member of staff concerned or the Account Manager / Director where applicable. This might be done verbally, by telephone or in writing but within one month of the action occurring. Calibre Group staff will attempt to resolve this issue immediately but if the matter requires further investigation or further information is needed, we will get back to you within an agreed timescale, usually within five working days of receiving the complaint.
Calibre Group staff will seek to reach an informal and mutually agreeable solution to your complaint.
If you have been unable to reach a solution informally you may proceed to stage 2 of our procedure.

You should write (via post or e-mail) to Alison Starrett (
Apprenticeship Coordinator /Manager, outlining the nature of your complaint and providing as much detail as possible.  This should be within one month of the action that gave rise to your complaint or within one month of completing Stage 1.
The Apprenticeship Coordinator/Manager will respond within 10 working days, acknowledging your complaint. We aim to inform you of the outcome of your complaint within 4 weeks. This deadline may need to be extended in certain circumstances, but you will be informed of this in writing.
During the investigation you will be provided with an opportunity to have a meeting to explain the circumstances of your complaint.
The complaint will be dealt with according to all the relevant Policies and Procedures. The relevant members of staff will be involved in the investigation.

If you are not happy with the response provided by the Apprenticeship Coordinator /Manager, you are entitled to have your complaint reviewed by the Director of Calibre Group.
You will have the opportunity to meet with the Director of Calibre Group to discuss your complaint and will receive a final report and details of any proposed actions within an agreed timescale, usually within one month
If the Director is not available, one of other senior managers will conduct the review. You will be invited for a meeting to discuss the complaint and the outcome.
The decision of the Director or the senior manager dealing with the complaint will be final.
Please also be advised that you can escalate your complaint to the relevant Awarding Organisation should you remain dissatisfied. Further escalation would be to the relevant qualification regulator, for example, Ofqual, Qualifications Wales and Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment.

Details of all complaints together with outcome letters where applicable will be stored. Complaints are discussed during the management meetings in order to improve our services.
Contacts Details:
Calibre Group
Queens Parade, Brownlow Road, London N11 2DN
Telephone: 0208 368 7344      
Monitoring & Review
Our Quality Manager/Internal Verifier will monitor the level of complaints and feedback on a six-monthly basis analysing the range and type of complaints/feedback, response times, speed of complaint resolution, including identifying trends in teams, locations, subjects.
This policy will be reviewed annually by the Quality Manager/Internal Verifier to ensure that it continues to meet business needs, including adopting recognised industry best practice. The Quality Manager will report to the Senior Management Team on the effectiveness of the policy and whether any changes are needed.