15 years of delivering best in class training and interim support to the UK's Automotive Sector 


This is one of the most versatile apprenticeships available to those people who enjoy providing excellent customer service.  It can be used in any industry where customer interactions are involved and is especially effective for developing Service Advisors in the automotive sector.

As specialists in this industry we have designed the programme to meet the knowledge and skills needed to ensure the customer's Aftersales journey is professional and reflects your brand ethos. 

The robust and interactive nature of the training results in a confident, well trained and knowledgable individual who is able to handle the demands of this challenging role with resilience and empathy.

The training is predominantly delivered ‘on the job’ providing real life experience of this busy department with a blended learning approach appealing to a large number of learner types and keeping them engaged throughout.

All our programmes are accompanied by dedicated monthly Mentoring for each student throughout the programme and beyond.

This apprenticeship is ideal for employers wishing to bring on front of house positions such as Service Advisor or Customer Experience Executives or Genius style roles.

Programme Duration 
15 months