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An FCA qualified F&I Professional is parachuted seamlessly into your business to cover absences, protect your income and keep you compliant for short or medium term contracts.
Retailers have access to a large award winning team of highly experienced Business Managers who have established our reputation through hard work, consistent results and the ability to fit into any environment from a standing start and 'hit the ground running'.
Customers need us for many different reasons: Holidays, Sickness, Staff Departures, VIP events, Maternity/Paternity, Feasibility studies – you name it, we’ve covered it.
Any brand, any location, any time - call or email us and let us know what you need.

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​Email: sabina@calibregroup.co.uk / contact@calibregroup.co.uk

Most F&I Specialists are absent from your business for 140 days per annum

Here's how we worked it out:
=  20 days
=  8 days
=  52 days
=  52 days
=  4 days
=  4 days

140 days
Annual Leave
Bank Holidays
Sunday off
Day off in the week


This is equivalent of 20 weeks' absence per annum by one person in a key role

(figures may vary according to 5/7 day rotas but the concept remains the same).

Calibre Group Team become one of the​ first companies to successfully complete the IMI F&I Accreditation
Originally published on the IMI website 10/03/2017
Nearly half of drivers don’t trust a car salesman after being over-charged and mis-sold finance and insurance products when buying from a dealership.
Michelle Barrett, Business Development Manager at the IMI, said:
“It’s fantastic to see Calibre Group Solutions becoming the first business outside of the pilot to offer the IMI’s new Finance and Insurance (F&I) Accreditation. The training included within this programme will help businesses who work with Calibre Group Solutions to provide a good quality and honest service to all of their customers when purchasing a car.
“We understand there is a lot of negative perceptions surrounding the finance and insurance sector, however our new accreditation has been created to guarantee individuals are equipped with the knowledge and skills to comply with the FCA’s ‘treating customers fairly’ philosophy.”
You can watch the online video below and  read the whole article on the IMI website here.