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Hints and Tips

Interviews can be a daunting experience but we are here to help showcase the best you in front of your potential new employer.

Have a look at a few of our hints and tips to use at your next opportunity.

Good luck!

First impressions count
Smile and a firm handshake
Body Language
This applies to before, during and after any encounter with a potential new employer. 
One of the biggest downfalls for an employer is the lack of research.
Time Management
Aim to turn up around 10-15 minutes before your meeting. Inform reception you have arrived and let them find you wondering around the dealership looking at their cars. Show a keen interest in their fabulous dealership. 
Prepare questions to ask
Get your self a new little notebook and jot down some questions to ask if you get the opportunity. 
Avoid asking about salary or company benefits
What to wear
Full business attire is required. Try to represent the brand as much as possible in your clothing. Men in business suits, shirt and tie (and don't forget the socks please!)
Women if you are going to wear a dress or skirt please make sure your hemline has a close relationship with your knees.

Makeup, tattoos and piercings
Keep makeup to a minimum and hair tied up and away from your face and to stop you playing with it. 

Tattoos may be a fun representation of your personality but in a business dealing with luxury and prestigious items, tattoos are better off covered. Remember your first encounter with a client or customer sets the tone.