What we do​

Calibre Group offers a logical and intelligent solution to help the Aftersales Department to address the problem of absent Service Advisors during holidays, sickness or other reason.  Our Cover service means your department can be fully staffed all year round.

As a well established interim cover business, we are very excited to add this new dimension to our portfolio, enhancing the support we already provide for our partners.

The top 5 areas service advisors themselves tell us they need help are:​​​​​

EVHC follow ups
Pre-Calls / Half-Time calls
Booking-in customers
Organising courtesy cars
Answering the phone!

Ensuring your customers receive exceptional service is our top priority and we will therefore support you in any way we can to maintain the smooth running of your Aftersales Department. 

​Our Service Advisors are professional and experienced and are able to cover sites all over the country with flexible schedules to meet the needs of your business. Their primary job is to make life easier for the service teams they work with, helping to release the pressure on your staff in order to deliver excellent customer service, especially during staff shortages.

Call us on 0208 368 7344 to arrange for one of our team to pop in for a trial with no commitment.