... When they step out, we step in!
Calibre Group offers a logical and intelligent solution to help the Aftersales Department to address the problem of absent Service Advisors during holidays, sickness or other reason.

Our people simply step in when your people step out.

As a well established interim Cover business, we are very excited to add this new dimension to our portfolio, enhancing the support we already provide for our partners.

Our Service Advisor covers Aftersales departments in blocks of 5 days which can include weekends with a rota between the hours of 7am and 7pm.

The top 5 areas service advisors themselves tell us they need help are:

•  EVHC follow ups
•  Pre-Calls / Half-Time calls
•  Booking-in customers
•  Organising courtesy cars
•  Answering the phone!

Ensuring your customers receive exceptional service is our top priority and we will therefore support you in any way we can to maintain the smooth running of your Aftersales Department.

We are already taking bookings within the Midlands region whilst we grow our team to meet market demand elsewhere.
Our Service Advisors are professional and experienced who joins us from high volume Aftersales department. Fay is based in Bristol and Paulo in London, so we able to cover a large number of sites.

Their primary job is to make life easier for the service departments they cover, helping to release the pressure on the existing team, especially during staff shortages.

They have already been shadowing in a range of brands to learn their differing processes and protocols and got their first placement in a busy Land Rover business.

Early feedback from Service Managers and Service Advisors has been superb and they've all said they would welcome them back in a flash!

Fay Adams
Paulo Buitrago-Cardenas
“I’m very excited to be involved with developing and launching this new initiative from the very beginning”.
"I am privileged to have to opportunity to work in some of these known global brands".
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